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    Shakespearean insults, with cats.

    7 more here.

    unsuborsuper you need to see this

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    Ivy Illustrated

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  7. omg these are so cute ask me these


    1. Do you love this shit?
    2. Are you high right now?
    3. Do you ever get nervous?
    4. I heard you fucking your girl is it true?
    5. You getting money?

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    Skull in a salt lake

    Wow that is the highest quality gif I have ever seen!

    It looks like I’m actually there

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    1. GQ: Do you have a favorite parable from the Bible?
    2. Liam Neeson: What my wife has on her tombstone, I guess that's my favorite now: "Cast your bread upon the water, and it will be returned tenfold." That's not the direct quote, but that's what I put on her gravestone. She was always saying that to me, you know? Where I'd be going, "Eh, I'm not sure." She'd say the opposite. I would always say the glass is half empty, and she would always say half full. Always. But I'm changing, I think.
    3. GQ: Do you still have faith?
    4. Liam Neeson: I think I do. I mean, I don't practice. But it's not far from me. And I have faith in the power of theater, which is quite similar—a body of people seeing something being enacted. It's at least 4,000 years old; I see how that can move people and change attitudes, the power. I believe in that faith. Since my wife passed away, do I believe in an afterlife? I don't know.
    5. GQ: What's your epitaph?
    6. Liam Neeson: I don't know. Tasha, she's buried up near our house. Old cemetery. Her grandmother, too. I go see Tasha once or twice a week. Just to talk. I like it.... There's a Civil War soldier near her. I look at his headstone a lot. All it says is GRIT AND GRACE.